Gunky to Punky to Drunky to ???

Please do not be alarmed by the title.

Gunky: ages 0-12
Punky: ages 12-19
Drunky: ages 19-22
???: ages 22- now

When I was at university, my dad randomly text me and asked if I remembered being called “Gunky” when I was younger. When I told him that I did, he replied with, “Haa. You went from cute little gunky, to high school punky, to college drunky.”

As a child, my face was constantly being cleaned of “gunk.” I had eye boogers (which my family calls maka piapia), snot, drool, and other deliciously slimey substances. While I grew to be able to clean my own gunk, I was doing just that. Still cleaning gunk from my face.  However, I like to thank the good Lord, because when puberty hit, the gunk finally disappeared.  My face cleared up, internally and externally.  Unfortunately, when the gunk went into hibernation, the punk stepped into the spotlight.

As puberty hits, we all know that hormones and emotions are new and weird.  And, like much of the human population, these new hormones and emotions sent me into an angsty, passive-aggressive, “I-hate-the-world” phase.  I began to roll my eyes, shrug my shoulders, and “ugh” every time my parents would speak to me.  Although I still loved my family dearly, the only emotions I expressed were irritation and exasperation.  Thankfully, the phase fizzled out.  While I felt accomplished for no longer acting like I hated the world, I only took a little step forward.  The punk in me dissolved while the college alcoholic in my fermented.

Ah, yes.  College.  The time of finding yourself through the rubble of your mistakes.  And, boy.  Did I have mistakes.  The detours I did take, did not lead me too far from my true self (which is ironic, because I’m not sure that I completely know who I am), but they created a sense of aspiration.  Years nineteen to twenty-two  are a bit of a blur, but from what I am told about those years, I had a hell of a time.  Again, ironically, I met some of the greatest people and formed the strongest friendships that I have to date during those alcohol-induced years.  Graduating May of 2014 was bitter-sweet.  Those all nighters of studying drifted away, while the all nights of job hunting fluttered in.

I do not have a title for this current phase of my life, hence the question marks.  But if my future is anything as exciting and unpredictable as my short twenty-three years on this planet, then I am more than ready to continue to evolve.

Three words that truly summarize my life are family, friends, and faith.  My family created the solid foundation that I stand on.  My friends encouraged me to step out of my shell and follow my passion.  And my faith continues to inspire me to become more than this flawed flesh.


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