I like to think that if/when I have children, I will be grounded. Yes, financially, emotionally, and spiritually- but I mean more than that. I hope that I am confident in my and my family’s child-rearing abilities. I include my family, because a lot of first-time parents do not take advice or input from the ones who raised them. The new parents think that they’ve read it all, and that they are equipped to raise this child by themselves. I hate to break it to them, but they’re wrong.
Helicopter parents, parents who hover over their child’s every breath and movement, are annoying. Let your kid be just that- a kid! Especially a baby. When parents do not let their baby act as an infant (i.e. cry, mumble, wiggle, etc.) it truly stunts their growth. A six month old baby should be about to conquer the world by crawling. He/she should be laughing and yapping with people. He/she should be around people! You cannnot keep your child locked in the house. He/she needs sunshine, stimulation, interactions. Without those three aspects of life, a child falls behind in the developmental department.  Yes. I am only twenty-three, but I’ve been around babies my whole life. There has been an infant growing up in my house from my beginning. You may not believe me, but I have been a nanny since the time I could crawl.
Honestly, it blows my mind when I see parents acting as though their child is made of porcelain. Yes, your child is fragile, but you are a fool if you think that you can protect your child from his/her first scratch, first tumble. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking that when/if I have children, that I’ll be that crazy, overbearing parent. But, hello. Reread the first paragraph of this post. I hope that I’m not. I know the “right and wrong” way to raise an infant, but I also know that there must be different emotions felt after seeing your DNA in the flesh.
Basically, let your baby be. If he/she is crying, let him/her cry for a little. Don’t pick them up immediately- try and decipher which cry you hear. Are they hungry? Tired? Constipated? Uncomfortable? Or just making noise?  Believe it or not, babies do make noise for the sake of making noise.


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